Made for intelligence analysts. Now free to the public.
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A free, open source tool for complex research problems.
A software companion to a 30+ year-old CIA research methodology, Open Source Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) will help you think objectively and logically about overwhelming amounts of data and hypotheses. It can also guide research teams toward more productive discussions by identifying the exact points of contention.
ACH has you evaluate each data point in the context of each hypothesis. When finished, a clearer, more structured perspective of the problem emerges.
Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Analysis 101 course


I want to use ACH online without installing it on my own!

We are considering providing a fee-based service that lets you use ACH without all the hassle of setting up your own server. To be notified when this service is ready, submit your email address using this form.


ACH in Your Profession
ACH was created for intelligence analysis, but it can help researchers in a wide range of fields:
When symptoms seem to point in many different directions, ACH can steer you away from incorrect diagnoses. Long-term use could lead to faster, more accurate diagnoses by drawing from historical data.
Sources often contradict each other. As evidence and testimonies mount up, the situation becomes more and more complex. ACH can help guide you toward the leads that truly matter, and away from those that don't.
Dispute resolution
Though ACH is best suited for determining what has happened or what will happen, Open Source ACH's collaborative features can help locate the roots of a dispute, permitting a more targeted, productive discussion.